Germain Financial

Often when presenting our logo concepts, we provide a rational explaining our thinking behind the completed concept. This is the rational for the chosen Germain Financial Logo.


  • Using traditional heraldry as a reference
  • Combining a shield with a castle and reference to G of Germain
  • The mixing of the shield and castle creates a subliminal image of a knight’s helm
  • Shield communicates protection, reliability, strength, empowerment and confidence
  • Castle communicates dynasty, longevity, security, control and influence
  • Knight’s helm communicates chivalry, confidence, bravery and trust


  • Font – Odense. This type family consists of 18 uniquely numbered weight, width, position combinations allowing optimum flexibility
  • Chosen because this is a hybrid font bridging the gap between the more traditional serifed typefaces (like St. James’s Place for example)
  • This allows for a more unique feel to the type with a modern clean appearance but retaining a reference to the traditional serif
  • The use of upper case as this is more aligned to the icon style