Metapraxis is a leader in strategic planning, financial analysis and data visualisation.

The logo has been created primarily to prioritise and combine the words ‘meta’ a Greek word meaning about, beyond, better, methodology and ‘praxis’ which describes action, the process of putting theoretical knowledge into practise.

A secondary element, the X icon is derived from the more than, less than icons and represents a meeting of minds, an exchange of information/knowledge, agreement, discussion and understanding. Moving forward, progress and planning for the future are also inferred.


The typeface is derived from Myriad, designed in 2002 by the award winning typographer Robert Slimbach and is based on the Humanist font family derived from classical hand written monumental Roman typography.

Typeface Colour

Grey PMS 445. This colour has been chosen for its neutrality and balance. It is the uniform of the corporate world and is considered sophisticated. Intended to represent the confidence of a successful and established organisation.

Icon Colours

Mid Blue PMS 2925. Calm and cool, this mid blue colour represents strength and trust.

Light Blue PMS 278. This lighter blue communicates understanding and tranquility. Linked to consciousness and intellect this shade of blue suggests precision and high technology.